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Photo Reportaz, Travel, Agency, Library. General director : George Fiotakis, Photographers Manager: Marios Lolos



Five Stars for Travel Photography


If you are looking for travel photography I suggest you try Photo Reportaz, as the photos are only for use by license. I prefer to get my photography from a place where I know nobody else are allowed to copy or manipulate the original if I have paid for it. I used them a few times for my own travel site where I am attempting to entice people to exotic destinations through the use of Photo Reportaz’ photography.


Only Website Where I get My Photography

You know that feeling of dread when you want to make a nice display on your webpage with great photography, and simply cannot find anything useful? Well I have found the perfect place through Photo Reportaz. Images you will not find anywhere else and taken by top photographers around the world. It might sound ridiculous but could you picture playing Casino Uzmani on the steps of a Greek Chateau overlooking the brilliant azure waters below. Yes, that is exactly what I created with one of the photographs I got from them!


Thank You Photo Reportaz!

I wish to thank Photo Reportaz for making it so much easier to create a travel portfolio when I had to do a campaign to incorporate CanlıRuletCasino in a way that has never been used before. I wracked my brain but could not come up with anything useful until I stumbled upon Photo Reportaz. It is amazing what a little bit of imagination and a great photograph strategically placed can do for one’s campaigns.


They made my Travel Agency Look Superior


Starting a new travel agency and not knowing how to effectively attract people to wonderful destinations, especially when you decide you want to appear at least knowledgeable is difficult. I bought magnificent photographs from Photo Reportaz and what is great is that they are my property now and I know nobody else can “steal” them from me again. I particularly love the Indonesian pictures, which I have never seen anywhere amongst the thousands of photos I scoured on the Internet for months. Great website!


Great Photographs of Kastoria


If someone should ask you where Kastoria was you would probably frown as I did when I was told in class I had to do a historical piece on Kastoria. I Googled of course as all of us do, and when I found this ancient Northern Greece town, I could not get any pictures to go with my assignment to display. That was when my professor told me I should try Photo Reportaz, a website selling travel photography. I completely aced my assignment with pictures of this ancient little town that nobody has ever seen! Those few dollars spent gave me the best mark for a great assignment with wondrous and descriptive pictures.