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Photo Reportaz, Travel, Agency, Library. General director : George Fiotakis, Photographers Manager: Marios Lolos




Dimos Fiotakis1956 born in Chania of Crete.Studies University of Patras Department of Biology 1974-79 Teacher of Biology and Geography in the 14th Gymnasium of Peristeri Hobbies Music, Collections of Musical Instruments and phonecards and traveling. Some of my photos were used by Melpo Merlier Music Folklore Archive (CDs, brochures) and some other can be found in friends CD booklets.Educational projects. Cooperation with many teachers from several countries. Production of a CD-ROM about an educational visit to London.

Dimos Fiotakis New Heraklion, Athens, Greece


He was born in 1965 in Athens, Greece From his early age he had a great love about photography and from 1990 he has become a professional photographer. He is passionate with Photography, Video and Internet. In 2001 he created the on line magazine for art photography FOTO ART MAGAZINE. From 2003 he has become

General director of new Photographic Agency PHOTO REPORTAZ


My name is Marios Lolos and I was born on 1966 in Athens – Greece.

I studied in the Agricultural University and as a student I occupied also, with photography. I took my certificate in Agricultural but I preferred to work as photojournalist than agriculturist. I have been charmed by photography and the photojournalism. I worked in the Greek newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” on 1991 and have worked here ever since.
I have traveled as photojournalist many times, inside and outside of Greece. My first travel, which had a lot of deep emotions, was in Albania on 1993. After this, follow on many travels in Bosnia, Kraina, Kosovo, Turkey etc. I was in the war of Yugoslavia with NATO from the beginning and I lived Pristina’s level to the ground. Death levels all men… In the newspaper, which I work, am taking photos for the daily news. I am charmed from the free photojournalism and the emotions that bring to me. Bahistanbul


I am interested for various subjects but the most interesting for me is everything concerns people. I like to take photos which have as general point all kind of people, from different countries and different culture, language, color…


Birth/Place: Yogyakarta, October 11,1972

Education: Graduated Law Faculty, Atmajaya University,

Yogyakarta 2000

Training and Activities

Learn Photography autodidac since 1992

Joint HISFA (Association Amateur Art Photography Yogyakarta) 1993 Indonesia

>Cooperation Exhibition for Yogyakarta Art Festival 4th Vredeburg Fortress, Yogyakarta 1994 Indonesia
>Exhibibition for Yogyakarta Art Festival 5th and VI Vredeburg Fortress, Yogyakarta 1995 Indonesia
>Exhibition Yogyakarta Art Festival 7th Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta 1996 Indonesia

Yogyakarta Art Festival 8th “Yogyakarta in the Eyes of Photographers” in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta 1997
>Joint in Tabloid ADIL (weekly tabloid) 1995-1996
>Stringer photo for REUTERS 1996
>Yogyakarta Art Festival 9th 1997 Taman Budaya , Yogyakarta , Indonesia
>Solo Exhibition “The Circle Of Life” 1998 in Novotel Hotel ,Yogyakarta, Indonesia, opened Agus Leonardus and Jerome Stubert General Manager Novotel Hotel Yogyakarta

Achievement and Awards:

2000-2008>Art Photo Documentation (Black and White) Borobudur Temple- Magelang – Central Java – Indonesia,” Borobudur Spirit of Humanity.
2002> Contributors Photo for make Silkwinds Magazine Singapore
ZoneZero-20:02-20/02-2002(Web-Site)USA uk (Web-Site ) Magazine Gallery Photo June (England)
– Larasati Glerum Sea October 2002 (Balai Lelang Seni) Jakarta Indonesia
-Portfolios Magazine England
– Publised in Media Indonesia Newspapers
-Publised in Fotomedia Magazine Ilford Competition Edition July 2002

– Publised in The Sunday Telegraph England, October
– Publised in Business Standard India, October 2001 >Publised in FOTOMEDIA Magazine (Creative Photo Competition)
Black and White and Print Color and Slide Klinik
-Publised in The Jakarta Post (Newspaper)
-Publised in Jurnal Perempuan
-Publised in Male Emperium Magazine
-Publised in Oil Plus Magazine
-Publised in Latitudes Magazine (a bout Volcano Merapi)
-Publised in Artasiapacific Magazine Australia
-Publised in Reuters agency (a bout Volcano Merapi)
-Publised in AFP agency (a bout Volcano Merapi)
-January taking photograph on Merapi Volcano for
REUTERS and AFP, Latitudesmagazine 2000
-Photos being published in Art Magazine
ArtsAsiapacific on Taring Padi, Australia
> 2 -6 November Exhibition World Press Photo Erasmuis Huis Jakarta Indonesia
– 17-23 Nov Sonobudoyo, Yogyakarta 1997-2001
– Dokumantation on art activities of HERI DONO published by ARTASIAPACIFIC October written by Jim Supangkat (Arts critics) Australia 1998
> Won Second Prize Photo Spontan Anniversary 52 Newspaper “Kedaulatan Rakyat”, Yogyakarta
> Making documentation Photo on Reformation in Indonesia, has published in foreign magazine on Reformation in Yogyakarta
>published in France for Le Monde
>publised in Asiaweek
>The Jakarta Post for column the Arts
>Stringer AFP News Agency , based in Yogyakarta 1997
>Won Runner Up Prize for “Still Life Photo Competition held by VISI Design School, Yogyakarta 1996
> Stringer for REUTERS News Service “news pictures documentation”
>Profile PHOTO ASIA Magazine, November edition Singapore written by Joyce Tulkens